Many articles describe how to overhaul your LinkedIn profile to get a new job or increase exposure within your industry. But what if you just want to tidy things up a little? Whether you're a new grad trying to put your best foot forward or an experienced industry insider looking to expand your talent network, here are three incredibly simple things to address in your LinkedIn profile to start 2021 (that you probably won’t find anywhere else).

Dress for the job you want

I am, of course, talking about your listed job and responsibilities, not that pair of sweatpants that was the real MVP of 2020. Between trips to the kitchen, you might not have been diligent on keeping all your professional ducks in a row last year. Now is the time to double-check that your public-facing position best represents what you spend your days doing. Ideally, you should write for the next stage in your career to make the next client, supervisor, or hiring manager take notice.

Show, don’t tell

Now that we have your profile dressed nicely, let’s make it sing with some samples. Whether it’s a snappy undergraduate portfolio, a notably impactful presentation, or an extensive technical document, share what you have accomplished in the past year. Just be sure that you're not sharing proprietary, privileged, or otherwise private information. Remember, everyone is “adept at the Microsoft Office suite,” but only a few people can wow you with a PowerPoint.

Proofread, proofread, proofread

Outside of that one dream we all have about high school (yeah, that one), nothing could be worse than spending time perfecting the presentation of your profile only to have the spotlight stolen by a simple (and avoidable) mistake. Look over your profile to be certain. Then have a trusted (and, well, competent) friend take a careful look too.

For additional professional self-care, check the blog series we called “Get the Job” from last year.

Now, go break a leg and make this year your star performance!