The natural ebb and flow of project work may make you think our company would be a perfect fit for contract or freelance workers. The diverse skills required for our projects assuredly could benefit from that labor pool (a pool that potentially includes ~28 percent of the labor force, according to 2019 research from Gallup and QuickBooks). And yet, every single member on our team is a W-2 employee. Why? Because hiring employees allows us to put the best talent on your project, provides you with a reliable project experience, and delivers better work from satisfied employees.

The best talent might not work 9 to 5.

Beyond romantic notions of a harried editor huddled over a parchment writing by the light of a blue screen, er, candle, we have always uncovered brilliance in the nontraditional. From day one, McMul wanted to offer flexible employment that wasn’t a one-size-fits-all. We knew that some of the sharpest writers, editors, or designers might also happen to be stay-at-home parents, semi-retired teachers, or chronic world travelers who don’t want a traditional full-time salaried job. Enter project-based work.

Because our project-based employees agree to every assignment, they essentially have the flexibility of contractors or freelancers, but they don’t have the same business concerns: payroll taxes, insurance, sales and marketing, and so on. That means they can focus on the work they do—for you.

A reliable process leads to a successful project.

As long as you get what you paid for, you might not care if McMul uses contractors or employees on your project. However, after a few projects, we promise you’ll notice the difference. Because we can ask employees to remain faithful to our process, each project follows a consistent flow of events you can count on and expect everyone to follow. And if someone suddenly gets sick or takes a well-deserved vacation, you have a whole team to step in who will provide the same commitment and expectations. This organizational support allows our team to focus on your project, not their contract.

Quality of life means quality projects.

Independent contractors have a lot of autonomy, but they also take on extra stress and risk. Employees who are backed and covered by an employer have fewer business-related concerns to worry about. With all the time they save from not worrying about payroll taxes or licenses, they can focus on delivering on your project. Or maybe they’ll use that time to take advantage of the training, mentorship, and support McMul offers, which translates to a higher quality product for you. Or maybe they’ll enjoy the outdoors, wherever on our beautiful planet they call home.

Like we said, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.

While this business model works best for us, we also know many independent contractors who are incredibly talented professionals. Over the years, we have happily and seamlessly worked alongside independent contractors for the best outcomes in writing, editing, and instructional design projects. If your project could benefit from the diverse and reliable results our employees bring—or if you just want to continue this discussion—reach out to us here!