Hiring an outsider can work to your advantage. Your subject matter experts (SMEs) can focus on what they do best and let our technical writers quickly grasp complex information and translate it into easily digestible content.

Knowledge Management

Imagine a simple customer service call to your insurance company that drags on for several minutes. A representative searches for the answer and ultimately ends up reading you dense insurance information as an answer. A national insurance company was dealing with exactly this dilemma before launching a knowledge management initiative. Our technical writers and editors helped organize and centralize content while applying plain language to make the responses easier to find, read, and understand—making representatives more productive and customers happier with shorter call and hold times.​

User and Product Guides

You can focus on developing the lean processes, lifesaving medical devices, and machine learning software and leave the documentation to us. No matter how complicated the material, our technical writers can present the content at a level your audience understands, letting your SMEs be the experts, not the writers.​

“We turned to McKinnon‑Mulherin for on-site technical writing, editing, and desktop publishing services. ​
Your writer was brutal on editing our work, but she was right on every edit she made. ​
The guide now reads much, much better, and we are very grateful for what she did.”​

Scott Niskach, Director of International Sales, Evans & Sutherland​

Your industry. Our adaptability.

From user guides to reports to knowledge management articles, McMul has written and edited technical documents for these industries.​

  • Construction​

  • Financial​

  • Government​

  • Health care​

  • Insurance​

  • Manufacturing​

  • Technology​