Being consultative can sometimes feel like a lesson in mind reading. While we aren’t magicians at McMul, we are dedicated to making our clients’ lives easier. For example, we recently came up with a plan to reduce a knowledge retention kit by 88 percent while simultaneously creating more value for our client.

How did we pull this rabbit out of our hat? It was as easy as TA-DA!

T – Tune in, gather information, and listen to what’s wanted

During a three-year learning solutions project, our client wanted us to create a knowledge retention kit so they could update the e-learning modules we created down the road. Specifically, they wanted individual templates with process triggers for each module.

A – Ask smart questions to uncover underlying needs

After hearing what was desired, we felt this kit didn’t align with our client’s underlying needs, so we asked questions. For example: Was it reasonable to manage and regularly update 145 document templates?

D – Discover solutions based on best practices

Our team combined what we knew from our client with our professional experience to present an alternative solution. We pitched a kit tailored to identify specific module updates, indicate process triggers, and gather information for new modules. Best of all, it required only seventeen documents.

A – Align on expectations and decisions

After seeing an example, the client loved this new direction because it would drastically cut down on their work while offering a more focused review process.

When you hire McMul to create a solution, we listen to what you want, but we don’t stop there. We dig deeper to provide a solution that makes your life easier because it truly meets your needs.

Have too much on your plate or a tricky problem? Call us to work some consultative magic!