Your product or service is good, but can you convince people to buy it? You carefully determine policies for your organization, but can you motivate your employees to follow them? Let our sales, marketing, and business writers develop compelling content that encourages customers and employees to take action.


Whether you have a full business development team and need support for busy periods or you’re a small business with no proposal writers on staff, you can trust McMul to be your proposal partner. From compiling a compliance matrix to creating a template to gathering information, our proposal managers and writers can help you win business with compelling, compliant proposals.

Marketing Collateral

Are you in the market for a marketing writer? You need someone who can both match your tone and make you stand out. McMul’s marketing writers and designers have developed everything from infographics to eBooks to blogs to printed brochures and flyers. Regardless of how technical or straightforward your product is, you need a writer who quickly understands its benefits and makes you look good.​

Internal Communications

What if you treated your internal communication with the same level of importance and scrutiny as your public-facing content? Giving employees clear, accurate, and meaningful information through employee handbooks, emails, presentations, and job aids not only makes those people more effective in their roles, it also makes them happier at your organization—increasing job satisfaction and retention.​

How do you get employees to read an employee handbook?​

A nonprofit client of ours had an employee manual that had been amended in bits and pieces until it was redundant, rambling, and disorganized. By chunking content into meaningful sections, eliminating repeated content, and infusing the content with the nonprofit’s mission, our writers increased readability and gave the organization a handbook that new hires actually read.​​


“We have been using McKinnon‑Mulherin to help us with our new client proposal writing for 16 years. ​
We have grown from $50 million to $340 million since we added McKinnon‑Mulherin to our team!”​

Mike Cameron, President, Christopherson Business Travel​

Your industry. Our adaptability.

From proposals to infographics to eBooks to blogs, McMul has written, edited, and designed sales and business materials for these industries.

  • Aerospace​

  • Construction​

  • Education​

  • Financial​

  • Government​

  • Health care​

  • Hospitality​

  • Insurance​

  • Manufacturing​

  • Marketing​

  • Nonprofit​

  • Technology​

  • Travel​

  • Utilities​