Crafting great marketing messages is a study in psychology. A good message tells customers they need a product or service. A great message makes connections. It creates dissatisfaction with the customer’s current situation and shows them what they can do to be happy again.

One old yet surefire tip for creating a persuasive marketing message is to follow the steps in Monroe’s Motivated Sequence:

  1. Attention (Grab their attention.)

  2. Need (Show the problem.)

  3. Satisfaction (Demonstrate how your product fixes the problem.)

  4. Visualization (Lead them to see themselves using the solution.)

  5. Action (Specify what to do next.)

The beauty of the sequence lies in how you’re putting the customer in charge, propelling them to want to act.

Even with this formula, creating the perfect messaging can be a daunting task. To be successful, aim for creating content (copy, visuals, and so on) with Monroe’s Motivated Sequence as its foundation while considering your overarching campaign goals and company culture.

Brainstorm ideas with your team to come up with the best. Then, when you think you’ve just about got it, sharpen your message again. Bounce your ideas off someone you trust one last time.

Better yet, hire McKinnon-Mulherin because of our expertise generating content for marketers using proven methods, creativity, and exceptional collaboration. If you don’t have a team or need to scale up, our writers, editors, and graphic designers can be your team.

Maybe you are tops at envisioning an entire campaign, and you just need help with the wordsmithing. Maybe you want to give us the entire project and rest assured we’ll deliver what you need. Even if you’re somewhere in the middle, McKinnon-Mulherin will craft marketing collateral that, upon meeting its target audience, is for sure going to connect.