Being an editor or writer is like being a gardener of words. I weed sentences, cultivate paragraphs, and landscape pages. That’s why I think it’s easier to visualize the undertaking of a communications project as you would the creation of a garden.

Making a Dream a Reality

That creation process can feel overwhelming, even for experienced gardeners. But what if you had master gardeners working with you? A dream gardening team would include an expert to oversee and coordinate the design, as well as others who know what grows well where you live, how much water the different plants need, how much to fertilize and when, and so on.

Likewise, a dream team of word gardeners could help you embrace the spectacular, so let’s think of your business communications like a garden:

  • Before you plant anything, you need to know what kind of soil you are dealing with. Likewise, before you publish anything, think about the best medium for your message. What’s going to take root with your target audience?
  • What balance of annual and perennial plants do you want? A fun social media post is like a petunia. It’s colorful, but you’ll have to replant often. Branding for your business and other tools, such as an HR manual, are perennial. You rely on them to be there when needed while looking pleasingly professional.
  • The best flower beds, like marketing campaigns, come in layers. You might want a combo of tall and short plants or a seasonal approach with a variety of plants that provide color at different times. While one campaign email’s influence is fading, new interest is built with the next.

Like a beautiful blossom, a stunning infographic is going to draw pollinators—I mean, customers—to you.

Put Our Gardening Team to Work

When it comes to transforming a communications project into a beautiful garden that attracts all the pollinators to you, McKinnon-Mulherin can help. We’re master word gardeners, here to guide you on best practices for your intended audience while finding the right words, mediums, graphics, and more.

Your word garden will benefit from working with the experts you need, such as a project leader, writer, editor, or proofreader. These caretakers will do just that—take care of you and your project by following best practices, nurturing your ideas to bring order and cohesiveness, and helping you sow the business you’re dreaming of.