Salt Lake City, UT 

July 12, 2021 

McKinnon-Mulherin Promotes from Within to Strengthen Core Team  

Salt Lake City, Utah — McKinnon-Mulherin Inc., a Salt Lake City-based communication firm, today announced the promotion of three employees to their core team. These individuals will help the company uphold the high standards of work that contribute to McKinnon-Mulherin’s continual success.  

Synthia Clark is McKinnon-Mulherin’s new Head of Projects. She will oversee all projects and their respective teams to ensure each project runs efficiently and smoothly. She is critical in making sure each project, no matter how big or small, is a success for both her clients and her team. 

As writer, editor and instructional designer, Ethan Trunnell has taken on many roles in his four years at McKinnon-Mulherin. In his new role as Training Manager, he’ll use his instructional design experience to elevate the team’s skills by identifying training needs, coordinating formal training, updating existing training, and orienting new hires.  

Brianne Sorensen is stepping into the role of Marketing Communications Specialist to coordinate and maintain various promotional and business development tasks. In her short tenure at McKinnon-Mulherin, she has applied her expertise to help McKinnon-Mulherin clients win business, whether as a writer, editor or project leader.  

McKinnon-Mulherin recruits talent from across the country and holds their employees to a very high standard. In turn, the company provides opportunities for their employees to learn and grow by creating positions that cater to their individual strengths. This promotes strong, sustainable growth for the company. 

“I love seeing our team members grow along with the company,” said Paige Frame, McKinnon-Mulherin president. “Synthia is ambitious, organized, and brimming with ideas to improve our project management processes. Ethan is a voracious learner and will bring the right curiosity to our internal training. Brianne is incredibly bright and has already been proactive in tackling our marketing strategies. I’m psyched to have the three of them and their fresh perspectives in these roles.”  

Reach out to to work with Synthia, Ethan, Brianne and the rest of McKinnon-Mulherin’s team of information experts to create content that sets your company far above the competition. 

About McKinnon-Mulherin 

McKinnon-Mulherin Inc. is a Salt Lake City-based design and development firm that offers sales & business communicationtechnical writing and learning solutions to organizations from not-for-profits to Fortune 500s. Since 1997, McKinnon-Mulherin has helped leaders in the healthcare, technology, manufacturing and financial industries improve their corporate communication. 

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