Salt Lake City – July 7, 2021 — Strategic communication firm McKinnon-Mulherin, Inc., is reaffirming their commitment to outstanding quality by creating a new position: the manager of editing and excellence (MEE). They chose Deborah Moeller, a 16-year veteran at the company, as their new MEE.

“We have always had high quality standards at McMul,” said Paige Frame, McKinnon-Mulherin president. “As we’ve grown, maintaining those high standards has become a much bigger job, and we decided it was time to create a position dedicated solely to quality.”

Frame acknowledges that the title “manager of editing and excellence” is a bit unusual, but, she explains, it’s accurate. “We first posted this position as a quality assurance manager, and we received several engineer applicants who wouldn’t have been the right fit.”

The new MEE, however, loves her title. “I said in my application letter, ‘Can you imagine the business cards?’” Moeller said. “Seriously, though, I have a great love for this company and what we do, so I am very proud to be taking on this role.”

For the past 16 years, Moeller has worked as an editor, writer, proofreader and project manager for McKinnon-Mulherin. As the MEE, she manages the overall quality of internal and external projects, which means she’ll keep an eye on the quality of deliverables, work with team members to develop their skills and make sure the company’s quality standards are up to date and accessible.

“We want to make sure our clients are getting work of the highest and most consistent quality. We’ve already started a couple of big new initiatives to maintain and improve quality. I’m really excited about what we’re doing and where we’re taking the company,” she said.

Moeller is a fan of puns, and few acronyms beg for puns as readily as MEE. “I’ve had to restrain myself,” she said. “MEEting. MEE time. MEEandering. I don’t want to make people sick of my puns. Not yet, anyway.”

She smiles. “I am still excited about the business cards, though.”


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