SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 18, 2017 — After celebrating their twentieth anniversary in May, communications firm McKinnon-Mulherin Inc. has a new office at a coworking space in downtown Salt Lake City.

“We’re seeing big changes this year,” said newly appointed president Paige Frame. “Our twentieth anniversary celebration at the Art Barn brought together all the smart, fun, and interesting people we’ve worked with and for over the years, and it was a great reminder of our successes. Our current team continues to impress me, and I’m excited about having a home base for them at the Work Hive.”

Since 2012, McKinnon-Mulherin has been a completely virtual company with employees working from home offices. Productivity and efficiency remained steady in this move, and the work-from-home model exemplified the organization’s objective for flexibility and work-life balance. However, many team members missed in-person collaboration, fueling the decision to look for a dedicated space. They found that space in the Work Hive, which is located in the Crane building in downtown Salt Lake City.

“We’re excited to make our new home at the Work Hive,” said Team Leader Madeline Brown. “We’ll always prioritize flexibility for our team and hope to create deep community, creativity, and quality in our employees by reintroducing a physical office space.”

By finding a dedicated office space with the option to reserve conference rooms of all sizes, McKinnon-Mulherin team members can continue to enjoy the benefits of working from home while also having the opportunity to collaborate in person, invite clients to meet in a professional space, and have a central location for all McKinnon-Mulherin events.