When it comes to marketing contentwould you trust an outside writer to comprehend your technical product as well as deliver on your strategic messaging? With McMul, you can. 

The senior content marketing manager at Zerto, an up-and-coming software company, approached us to help support her marketing team. With Zerto’s growth taking off, her top priority was big-picture creative work like designing and running marketing campaigns, but those campaigns had seemingly endless subtasks, and her in-house team was often maxed out. Since she had worked with McMul before, she knew she could count on us to take assignments and run with them so she and her team could focus on other priorities 

One specific assignment she needed help with was a blog article on the effects of ransomware. She communicated the topic and a few points to make and shared a report where we could pull a few points. (This gated report was also one of the sources we’d point to for the call to action.) We had already taken time up front to research Zerto, doing a deep dive into their products, solutions, and branding, so we were prepared to keep messaging consistent with what they had already been doing. 

The process was quick and easy:  We wrote a draft that the client reviewed, and she asked us to bolster it with more examples of recent ransomware attacks in our second draft. We added a secondary call to action—a new video that had just been created that the client wanted to promote—and she happily accepted this draft and published it immediately. The process took a few days from start to finish, and during that timethe marketing manager was able to focus on other tasks, knowing her carefully strategized campaign and message was being delivered as intended by our team of writers 

How did it turn out? See for yourselfhttps://www.zerto.com/blog/ransomware/how-to-recover-from-ransomware/?