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Technical Writing:  Make Life Easier for Your Employees and Customers

Systems, products, and processes are sometimes hard to master. Clear, well-written documentation can help. Let McKinnon-Mulherin's information design team work with your subject matter experts to create technical documents that make sense for your users. As outsiders, we provide the necessary, objective distance from the system, product, or process that employees heavily involved in development do not offer. This means that complex information becomes knowledge your users can understand and apply quickly and accurately.

Our information designers use standard word-processing and online authoring tools to create the right documents for your audience:

What's Our Approach?

We take the time up front to understand what your audience needs. We know that you might have a mix of users with varying degrees of expertise who might require different information in various formats. Figuring what will work for your users now and over time saves project time and rework. We don't design based on what is trendy. We listen to you and we design based on an analysis of what will work best for your users. We make sure to get buy-in from you every step of the way so that there are no surprises when we deliver your document.

We're Flexible

We believe our process produces the best results for Technical Writing projects, but we also recognize that our top priority is to collaborate with SMEs, end users, and clients to meet their objectives. Doing so often requires flexibility. We can expand and contract project phases to work within the time, budget, and resource constraints that our clients may face to meet deadlines and user needs with functional and cost-effective user guides, white papers, and case studies.

Contact Us

Contact us now at 801.895.4745 or bbridgman@mckinnon-mulherin.com for more information on our technical writing services.

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