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Sales & Business Communication: Motivate Employees and Convince Clients

Your words represent your company. You can't afford documents that diminish the investment you've already made in attracting customers, satisfying shareholders, and training employees. McKinnon-Mulherin is ready to work with you to create compelling documents that motivate your employees and convince your clients to commit. Whether you are responding to a complex request for proposal (RFP) or writing a social media post to attract new customers, we can help.

What's Our Approach?

We take the time at the start of a project to understand what your goals are, what your competition is doing, what information your various audiences might need or want, and what the best way is to convey that information. When designing and developing your document, we collect data carefully because we know, for example, that all the adjectives in the world won't mean anything if you can't back them up with facts and figures. Also, we don't develop in a vacuum. We check in with you frequently to make sure that we deliver materials that truly meet your needs.

What's more, we can help you save time and strengthen your corporate image with reusable templates and boilerplate, and consistent standards and style guides for all your sales & business documents.

We're Flexible

We believe our process produces the best results for Sales & Business Communication projects, but we also recognize that our top priority is to collaborate with clients and stakeholders to meet their objectives. Doing so often requires flexibility. We can expand and contract project phases to work within the time, budget, and resource constraints that our clients may face to meet deadlines and user needs with functional and cost-effective proposals, brochures, and reports.

Contact Us

Contact us now at 801.895.4745 or bbridgman@mckinnon-mulherin.com for more information about our Sales & Business Communication services.

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