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Learning Solutions:  Help Your Employees Absorb, Retain, and Apply Knowledge

For more than fifteen years, McKinnon-Mulherin has helped corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions develop training solutions that fit their learners' needs. We are here to help you do the same. Whatever your industry or field, we can work with you to develop training for new hires, employees, managers, salespeople, executives, partners, and customers.

Whether you need to train people on processes, products, services, applications, or skills, we can help:

What's Our Training Approach?

McKinnon-Mulherin's approach includes extensive up-front planning and user analysis to ensure that your training budget delivers results at every phase of the project:

We're Flexible

We believe our process produces the best results for Learning projects, but we also recognize that our top priority is to collaborate with clients, learners, and facilitators to meet their objectives. Doing so often requires flexibility. We can expand and contract project phases to work within the time, budget, and resource constraints that our clients may face. The ability to be flexible without sacrificing quality differentiates us from many of our competitors and also contributes to our high client retention rate.

Why Should You Work with McKinnon-Mulherin?

After working with McKinnon-Mulherin to develop your training, you will be able to do the following:

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Contact us now at 801.895.4745 or rdavis@mckinnon-mulherin.com for more information on a learning solution that's right for you.

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