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Editorial Services:  Perfect Any Type of Document from a Blog Post to a Novel

All documents have one thing in common:  They need to be edited and proofread. The best-looking documents won't help your company win business, make people buy your book, or get any sort of good reaction without attention to tone, organization, spelling, punctuation, and typographical correctness. Why not count on McKinnon-Mulherin for well-written, error-free materials?

After all, sometimes you or your employees are too close to a document's content to catch and correct mistakes. McKinnon-Mulherin professional editors and proofreaders are prepared to refine your documents, bolster your employees' content expertise, and free up your employees to focus on their core competencies.

Work with a Proven Partner

McKinnon-Mulherin makes it easy to get the best editing and proofreading service available:

What Does an Edit Include?

Call us to discuss a detail edit, which includes a review of a document's organization, format, grammar, style, and consistency. We check for clarity, spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors. Our editors know the AP, APA, MLA, GPO, AMA, and Chicago styles.

What Does a Proof Include?

Proofreading includes a review for spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors. For a fast, online proofread, go to www.double-check.us.

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Contact us now at 801.895.4745 or bbridgman@mckinnon-mulherin.com for more information on our editorial services.

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